LimeWire Turbo


LimeWire Turbo is one of the most popular p2p file sharing application around the world which allows users to search for and to share media files like MP3, movies, pictures, games, software, documents with anyone over the Internet.

LimeWire Turbo is a multi-level file sharing program that includes a mixture of top features any downloader needs. So easy to use, it’s like fast downloads served on toothpicks.

Share music, movies, images, games, and any other type of file you want using the most user-friendly downloader on the web.

As one of the most popular file sharing clients around, LimeWire Turbo greets the user with a number of excellent features and options including auto-connect, groups, browse host, multiple search, upload limiting, connection quality control, library management system and advanced filtering.

While the size of the program is amazingly small, its capabilities are not – the app enables very accurate searching by allowing users to specify advanced metadata for the files they are looking for - title, artist, album, track number, genre, year, length and bitrate, all these fields can save you time and effort when trying to find a certain file. LimeWire Turbo is especially great when it comes to files that are not that easily available.

Users also get a full-page connection monitor through which they can easily handle incoming searches of the folder they are sharing and also track content being uploaded from their system by other filesharers.

Connecting to the most popular p2p file sharing networks, offering unlimited bitrate availability, multi-source downloading and light-speed search results, LimeWire Turbo makes a terrific option as a downloading tool.

LimeWire Turbo is a totally FREE p2p application!

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LimeWire Turbo Features

  • Auto-connect
  • Browse host
  • Ghost ratings
  • Swarming downloads
  • Optimized performance
  • Connection quality control
  • Multiple searches
  • Friendly interface
  • Unlimited bitrate availability
  • Multi-source downloading
  • Rich search results
  • Library management system
  • Advanced filtering
  • User configurable queue area
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